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Top 5 Radio Stations in Utah

Here's what you need to know...
  • Utah has many radio stations that you can listen to while driving
  • As long as you follow driving precautions, you’ll be safe listening and driving
  • Make sure you have the best insurance, so you will have peace of mind anytime you’re on the road

Do you enjoy listening to the radio while driving? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people enjoying doing that every day as they travel life’s highways.

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Benefits of Listening to the Radio While Driving


There are many benefits to listening to the radio while driving. Contrary to popular belief, listening to the radio while on the road helps drivers to focus on the road. It seems to relax the driver, enabling him/her to better concentrate.

Science Daily reported that people who listen to the radio while driving do not seem to have more accidents than those who do not listen.

The only exception is those drivers who become careless when listening to loud music that is turned up at high volumes and distracts them from their driving.

Some of the main benefits of driving while listening to the radio include:

  • Increased focus
  • Stay up on latest news
  • Relaxes the driver
  • Makes the trip go faster

Statistics on Listening to the Radio

The statistics on radio listening among drivers shows that more than 90 percent of Americans listen to the radio each week. Also, Nielson reported that two-thirds of listeners tune in outside of the home environment. This means that many of these are car listeners.

The Rise of Radio Apps for Smartphones

adobestock_70174373-1600x1600-1The rise and popularity of radio apps such as iTunes, iHeart Radio, and others have given way to more people listening with smartphones and mobile devices through their car radio.

In the past, this could only be done via auxiliary devices. Now, both Apple and Android have developed devices such as CarPlay™ that allows the user to listen to internet radio with an in-dash radio receiver that connects to the internet.

Satellite radio has also taken center stage as an alternative radio experience. Sirius Radio, for example, offers thousands of streams for a low monthly fee that you can listen to in your car as well. Satellite radio does require a special setup and Onstar or other capabilities.

Despite the rise of radio apps and streaming radio, AM/FM radio remains one of the most popular form of radio that people enjoy.

Also, with internet radio apps, people can tune into their favorite stations even when they are thousands of miles away via the smartphone apps through the internet feed.

Top 5 radio stations in Utah


The following are considered the top five radio stations in Utah. Read through the rest of the article and then be sure to bookmark these stations and listen when you’re in the Beehive State.

#1 – KRCL 90.9 FM

KRCL 90.9 FM features talk shows, music that is popular in the Salt Lake City area, and much more. They have a lot of cultural awareness and take an active role in community events and news.

They feature oldies during the day at drive time, and they also have special shows that focus on particular artists such as The Grateful Dead and others that are popular in the Salt Lake City, Utah culture. This station is very tuned-in to the Salt Lake City culture, and it is a favorite among locals.

They broadcast on FM 90.9 and stream live on their internet station daily.

#2 – KUER 90.1 FM

KUER 90.1 FM calls themselves a progressive station that is open to all. They have a liberal slant politically and have opinions regarding the politics of the recent election that is reflected in their special programs.

They run programs such as “All Things Considered,” a look at events that are happening across the country and local programming that many Salt Lake City, Utah locals enjoy.

They stream online “live” and also offer recorded podcasts from previous shows.

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#3 – KSQN 103.1 The Wave

KSQN 103.1 FM is known as “The Wave.” If you listen to them on their website, you will see why. They play upbeat tunes that cross over from rock, classic 80s music, and modern popular sounds.

Located in Coalville, Utah, they are in a suburb of Salt Lake City and are considered a part of the Greater Salt Lake City Metropolis.

They offer FM access through traditional radio as well as streaming via their online “Tune-In” radio setup.

#4 – KBYU Classical 89 FM

KBYU Classical 89 FM plays the best Classical music from all the eras for the Salt Lake City area. They were founded by the leaders of Brigham Young University, a Mormon-based college in the Salt Lake City area.

They feature Classical music and talk, with PBS-type programming that listeners in the Salt Lake City area enjoy.

#5 – Ktalk Radio

Ktalk Radio is an alternative media format that features a conservative slant and a focus on talk radio.

The Mayor of Salt Lake City, Palmer A. DePaulis, formally proclaimed this station officially on the 4th of May, 1990.

Ktalk Radio has a loyal audience that continues to grow in the Utah area, as well as nationwide via their online stream.

How to Drive Safely while Listening to the Radio

When driving while listening to the radio, keep in mind that safety comes first. Although the research from Science Daily and other sources shows that there is no significant risk when using precautions, you should keep in mind some tips that will help keep you safe.

Shopping for Car Insurance


The most important thing when traveling or planning to travel is to make sure you have adequate insurance. Auto insurance protects you from unexpected accidents or fender-benders that may occur, despite how careful you may be.

Listening to the radio creates a kind of mental flow that helps drivers focus more on their driving as long as they exercise caution. But there are some other situations that can lend themselves to possible mishaps.

Some of the factors that can add to risk factors while driving include:

  • Unexpected changes in weather – You never know when the weather will change from one hour to the next. It can be sunny and warm at the beginning of the day and suddenly turn cold, damp, and rainy later in the evening. You need to prepare for these sudden changes.
  • Rain-slick highways – One of the most common reasons for accidents on the road are rain-slick highways. Many of these mishaps occur due to a mix of oil and water that occurs just slightly after it starts raining. Always pay attention and be aware of weather changes.
  • Mechanical failure – Be aware of how your car acts and take it to a mechanic if you notice anything amiss before hitting the road. Mechanical failure accounts for many accidents, especially when going up steep inclines or traveling long distances without a tune-up.
  • Distractions –There are many different forms of distractions and it may surprise you to know that listening to the radio is not one of the most common. Texting while driving, handling misbehaving kids, and taking your eyes off the road are the main culprits, so stay alerted.
  • Mistakes of others – You cannot predict what other drivers will do. All you can do is to stay alert to their behavior and adjust your driving accordingly. This is known as defensive driving.

The best thing you can do to stay safe is to change stations before starting on your route, use caution when switching stations by using presets and keep your insurance up-to-date. Shop and compare insurance rates to get the best deal. And enjoy listening to the radio while you drive!

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