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Is Utah a no-fault car insurance state?

Generally, no-fault auto insurance refers to insurance coverage that gives policyholders the right to file claims and be paid for losses from their own insurance company no matter who caused the damage. There are no-fault states and there are at-fault states. However, in a legal sense, no-fault means that in addition to this type of […]

Driving Without Insurance in Utah

Do you know the driving and insurance regulations in Utah? If you plan to move to the state of Utah or if you already live there, you need to know the laws that apply to you. You also need to know the state minimum requirements so that you will know the amount of insurance coverage […]

The 5 Most Dangerous Roads in Utah

Driving in new areas often brings unexpected challenges. In Utah, those challenges are highly present in certain areas. Read through the article below to discover the most dangerous places to drive in Utah and how to avoid an accident. Enter your zip code above to compare car insurance rates from multiple companies in your area! […]

The 5 Best Backpacking and Hiking Trips in Utah

Have you ever thought about visiting Utah for your next vacation? If you are an avid backpacking or hiking enthusiast, Utah is the place to be! With numerous vistas, trails, and venues to travel and see the world from, you’re in good company for nature walks, camping out, and much more. Enter your zip code […]

How to Drive in Utah’s Weather Conditions

Utah became a state on January 4, 1896. It is home to the largest saltwater lake in the western hemisphere and widely known for its ski slopes and rock formations. Commonly referred to as the Beehive state, Utah saw the completion of the first transcontinental railroad which joined the Union and Central Pacific Railroads at […]

Utah’s Top 10 Family Attractions

Utah is known as The Beehive State. It got its name in 1848 along with their symbol of a beehive to illustrate the industrial qualities of the state and their level of dedication and perseverance. It has maintained as the official seal of the State of Utah ever since then and when Utah became a […]

The 5 Best Roads for Bicycling in Utah

Insurance is important for anyone who drives a car, motorcycle, or another vehicle. The more you drive your car, the higher your risk becomes of getting in an accident. Riding a bicycle to local places can cut down on that risk. Enter your zip code above to find the best car insurance rates in Utah! […]

The Top 10 Can’t-Miss Scenic Drives in Utah

Utah is a beautiful state that holds many treasures for the road warrior. There are beautiful mountains and desert areas, as well as high plateaus and unique formations that complete the landscape. There is a place in Utah called the Four Corners where Utah meets Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. This is an interesting place […]

Top 5 Radio Stations in Utah

Do you enjoy listening to the radio while driving? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people enjoying doing that every day as they travel life’s highways. Enter your zip code above to find the best car insurance rates in Utah! Benefits of Listening to the Radio While Driving There are many benefits to listening […]

Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Utah

Are you looking for auto insurance in Utah? It’s wise to know some facts before you set out to purchase car insurance. You will want to determine how much insurance you need in different categories, while also considering whether to carry auto theft insurance. There is no insurance coverage known as auto theft insurance. The […]

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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